UberGallery for RavenNuke CMS Version 2

This is the most current modified version of the original UberGallery modded to work on RavenNuke CMS. Last update 10-2019.
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Thu Oct 03, 2019 1:44 am

This is the updated version that I released for UberGallery. If you downloaded and are using my initial release then you may want to download this update. It adds the ability to have multiple galleries on separate pages and access them using the menu system. This is all new to UberGallery.

Modifications include:
- Responsive/fluid theme.
- Configuration file to allow for ease in editing.
- Ability to add titles and text to the galleries.
- Up to 10 separate page galleries.
- Styled to match your 'Remake" theme.
- Added a Menu system for accessing the galleries.

- To use UberGallery with your RavenNuke CMS install is easy. Here are the steps to follow.

- Go to the gallery_images folder and create up to 10 new folders. Then add your pics/images into them.

- Open gallery_config.php and add the names of the folders you added in gallery_images (be sure the folder names match exactly). You can also add additional text along with CSS.

- That's all you need to do. UberGallery will automatically read your folders and create thumbnails. These folders will also be automatically added to the menu system.

Demo Site: https://coders-junction.com/remake/modu ... berGallery
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