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The features list for "Remake" themes.
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Each theme that is released from here and is designed to run on "Remake" is capable of being customized by editing the file T-config.php. You can make changes to the presentation of a theme on-the-fly. Simply make your changes to the theme inside T-config.php, save it, upload it, and refresh your browser. It's that easy. The following features are for "Remake" Version 1 BETA. More to come in future releases.

Feature List:
-- Use Your Own Contact Form. Paste the code into contact.html.
-- Full Customization of the Logo Image, Text, Positioning, Font, Font-Size, Logo-Size, Header-Area height, and Colors.
-- Set Theme Width To either Full Width or Block Width (1200px wide) ... More to come on this feature.
-- Set Display to a 1, 2, or 3 Column Screen Presentation.
-- Choose between 4 different Menus and the Menu Position On Screen. MegaMenu is available for use.
-- Show or Hide The Offscreen Accordion Sidebars. Also, add your own content to them.
-- Move Left Sidebar Below Right Sidebar when changing from 3-Column to 2-Column Presentation or hide it altogether.
-- Move Standard Nuke Blocks Back to Page.
-- Show or Hide the Content Scroller. Easily add up to 20 Slides each with title and additional text. More to come on this feature.

Future version releases are coming as plugins. Alpha testing was so successful that I am going to remove "Remake" from BETA status with the release of Version 1.2 which is coming soon.
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