Colorbox is being blocked

Look here to see if any known issue exist and their fix.
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Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:45 am

Issue #1 (12-08-2019) - There is an issue in "Remake" where the action of the 'colorbox' is being blocked. I first noticed this when trying to use the themes preview feature.

Fix: Coding issues were discovered in the 2 files in this .zip archive.

-- admin/modules/themes.php
-- includes/jquery/nukeNAV.php

Note: Although the nukeNAV menu system is not used in "Remake" the file nukeNAV.php will need to be replaced so that the 'colorbox' can be used again.

To add these files unzip the archive in your 'root' directory replacing these 2 files in the folder locations as indicated.
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