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Responsive Design

Fast and Easy

The gallery is built on the JSSOR jQuery engine and written in PHP. It is responsive and simple to configure. Follow the steps below to get it up and running in minimal time.

This is a modified version of the popular JSSOR image gallery with vertical thumbnail bar. It features thumbnail preview selection of images, manual selection and automatic slideshow with several different transitions to display the images.

This modified version also includes a configuration file where you edit the settings to add your images and thumbnails each with a title and identifying text. You can add up to 20 pictures.

    Follow these steps:
  • You will need thumbnails of your pictures, the best size is 100X100 px. I have included an excellent tool for making thumbnails. It is a drag-and-drop simple conversion tool which will automatically transition your pictures into thumbnails and make them available in a .zip file.
  • Place your full pictures to the "img" folder and thumbnails in the "img/thumbs" folder.
  • Open the config.php file and enter the information for each picture there.
  • That's it, enjoy your pictures!

For support go to Coders Junction


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